Upcoming Conferences for Place Brand Developers, Managers, Marketers

While the number of those professionals solely focused on Place Branding is small (but growing), the question of how to develop, manage and communicate a successful and sustainable place brand matters to place professionals around the world.

Latest conference news and reports

The following conferences will help you find answers to this question and show you how to apply latest research insights, trends and tools for your city, region or destination:

Place Marketing Forum 2017

Best for: practitioners

When: 23-24 March 2017

Where: Lyon, France

Chaired by: Christophe Alaux

Corfu Symposium

Best for: academics

When: 24-27 April 2017

Where: Corfu, Greece

Chaired by: Heather Skinner

City Nation Place Americas

Best for: practitioners

When: 15 June 2017

Where: New York City, USA

Discount: 20% for TPBO readers

More info: www.citynationplace.com

International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Annual Conference

Best for: professionals

When: 17-20 September 2017

Where: Toronto, Canada

City Nation Place Global Forum

Best for: professionals

When: November 2017

Where: London, UK

Discount: 20% for TPBO readers

More info: www.citynationplace.com

2nd Annual International Place Branding Association Conference

Best for: academics

When: December 2017

Where: Swansea, Wales (UK)

Chaired by: Nigel Morgan

Please get in touch if you are organizing a conference which you think would be of interest to our readers, and would like to have listed.