Our Observers

Just like magazines have their columnists, we have our Observers: experienced professionals – practitioners and academics – from around the world who observe and reflect on what is going on in the colorful world of place branding.

Observer positions are by invitation only and each observer serves a six month term.

Current Observers:

Observer LATAM
Maísa Prieto is an independent tourism marketing consultant based in Santiago, Chile, with a focus on ecotourism and sustainability. She works at Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile, teaching at master and undergraduate levels and in projects in Chile as part of an interdisciplinary team offering market research and destination branding.
Articles by Maísa
Observer LATAM
Carolina Tkachuk is a consultant specialized in city marketing and smart destinations. She is the regional director for Argentina of smartcitybrand.com and supports the Argentinian Ministry of Tourism as assessor for its professional education content. She is an associate researcher at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes and holds a Master in Urban Economics.
Articles by Carolina
Student Observer
Shalini Bisani is a Doctoral student at the University of Northampton (UK), where she is researching government and stakeholder collaboration in place branding. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, citizen engagement and branded experiences.

Past Observers:

José Fernández Cavia
January - June 2017
Articles by José
Nov 2016 - April 2017
Articles by Christopher
Aparna Sharma
July 2016 - January 2017
Articles by Aparna
Amelia Green
July 2016 – January 2017
Articles by Amelia
Lina Maria Echeverri
June - December 2016
Articles by Lina Maria
Efe Sevin
March - October 2016
Articles by Efe
Svetlana Masjutina
February - September 2016
Articles by Svetlana