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Case Studies and Examples

Developing a brand strategy for a city, region or destination can be a challenging task, best approached by following examples and learning from cases of existing place branding initiatives. Read the following case studies on place branding and marketing for insights and examples of best practice: expert advice on how to overcome frequent challenges and what it takes for successful city branding, destination branding or the branding of countries and regions. Here’s a list of all case studies.

Latest expert interviews:

How To Guides

How to select a place brand consultant

How to Select a Place Brand Consultant

Based on insights gained through our expert interviews, here’s our summary of advice for city and regional authorities on how to select a place branding specialist.

How to become place brand professionalHow to Make a Career in Place Branding

As the need for skilled Place Brand managers, developers and communicators is growing, more and more university graduates are looking at building a career in place branding research and practice. Learn which are the essential skills and tricks for succeeding in becoming a place branding professional.

How to Measure Effectiveness & Success of Place Branding InitiativesHow to measure success and effectiveness of place branding initiatives

How to measure the success of place branding initiatives is a question often asked by those in charge of city brand development, destination marketing or nation branding. Finding answers to this question is particularly crucial for public administrations, whose budgeting requires accountability and the ability to measure return on investment.

Expert Interviews

Over the last two years we have interviewed many of world’s leading experts in the areas of place branding, public diplomacy and economic development. Learn about their professional highlights, insights gained, and useful advice for place developers, managers and marketers. Here’s a list of all interviews, or browse our world map.

Latest expert interviews:

Place Brand Theory

Academic literature on key concepts linked to the brand development, management and reputation of places:

Brands and Branding

Theories, concepts and definitions of the terms brand and branding, their meaning and functions – as discussed in academic literature.

Nation Branding Perspectives

Why are some people so convinced and optimistic about nation brands, and others so critical and disapproving of only the thought that one could brand a nation? This page introduces the different perspective on nation branding – from market-oriented, functional, to political (public diplomacy), to cultural-critical – as discussed in academic literature.

Differences Between Nation Branding and Place Branding

Review of academic literature on the differences and similarities between the concepts of place branding and nation branding.

Place Image and Reputation

Theories, concepts and definitions of place perceptions, their image and reputation, and the factors influencing them – as discussed in academic literature.

Places and Destinations

What is a place? Or a tourist destination? How come our perceptions of the same place or destination can differ considerably? Some thoughts on our perceptions of destinations and places, and how they are constructed, influenced by discourse, for example, the ways in which they are portrayed in the media.

Media Representations of Places

What role does the mass media play with regard to our perceptions of certain places, and how do news coverage or social media representations influence the image and reputation of places such as countries, cities, regions or destinations? Here is what academic literature has to say about media representations of places.

Nations and National Identity

Introduction of nations as ‘imagined communities’ and national identity as influenced and constructed by discourse, language, the media – as discussed in academic literature.

Green Brands and Sustainability Branding

Review of academic literature on green brands and branding based on environmental and sustainability credentials; functional and emotional components of green brand positioning, reasons for increase in green branding, and a mild warning not to succumb to greenwashing.

Brand Integrity, Credibility, and Authenticity

Review of academic literature on the importance and meaning of place brand integrity, credibility, and authenticity.

Brand Legitimacy and the Role of Political and Business Leadership

Some thoughts in academic literature on what legitimacy is, why perceived brand legitimacy is so important, and the role political and business leadership plays in maintaining brand legitimacy.

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