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Whether you work for a city, region, destination or country: knowing about the latest insights, tendencies and practices in place branding is essential for being able to develop and manage places which are attractive for talent, investors, visitors or students.

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Most place professionals in towns, cities, regions or destinations just don’t have the time to keep track of potentially relevant information, such as good practice examples or latest research findings. We are here to help you make sense of it all.

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Best value for money: With Premium you get to enjoy trustworthy, independently researched and carefully selected knowledge and tips. No glossy brochures or expensive presentations, but world-class knowledge which every town, city, region or destination can afford. Your Options:



Benefit from regular updates on latest research insights, expert advice, plus discounts on conferences and seminars by our partners. You’ll receive our email update approximately every two weeks.

Best value for students and those not professionally involved with place branding.

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Bonus: access all Premium content on PlaceBrandObserver.com, including 100+ expert interviews, case studies, How-To guides and our place brand theory pages.

Best value for place professionals: developers and managers of destinations, cities, regions and countries. DMOs, BIDs, Economic Development organisations

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Best value for local, state and regional governments, DMOs, destination management and Economic Development organizations, BIDs.

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