Subscription FAQ

Having problems with login or questions about how our subscription works? Here some answers to frequent questions. Can’t find an answer to your question? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Why should I subscribe?

Because, as the person in charge of developing, managing or marketing your city, region, destination or country, your job will be much easier with access to the latest research insights, thinking and shared experience of leading professionals. For just US $35 per month (charged annually, $420 in total – email us for customized offer in EUR, AUD or GBP) that’s exactly what you get. Save time and nerves by having us keep you up to date on industry trends, innovative place branding projects, learning- and networking opportunities.

How can I subscribe?

Either email us for a customized offer, or click on the button displayed below the piece of content which you’d like to access. That will take you to the TinyPass website. Once you have paid and your password is selected, TinyPass directs you to sign in. You do that once and you’re good for the full length of the subscription. Do this on all of your devices (click on the button, sign in) and you’re all set there as well.

I’ve already purchased a subscription. How do I log in?

Once you’ve completed the purchase process with Tinypass, the page you were on should automatically reload to show you the content that you’ve paid for. At that point, you’re logged in to TinyPass and your subscription is valid, so you’re done! If you got your customized subscription through us (having emailed us), then you’ll find access instructions in your welcome email.

Once you’ve subscribed, return to the site and it’s still asking you to pay, please click on the “Already purchased” link and log in with your TinyPass account.

If you are still having trouble please visit: and log into your account. You should see a library of the content you have purchased.

Who or what is TinyPass?

Our e-commerce provider is ‘Piano Software’ (formerly called TinyPass – you’ll likely come across both names). The same software is used by magazines such as SKIFT, who – like us – want to have the paywall and subscription handled professionally and securely. TinyPass (or Piano) does that.

Why does your default subscription appear in US Dollar?

Three reasons. First, the USA are where our largest readership group is based. Second, our e-commerce provider is also based there, and thus all payments for The Place Brand Observer via that software are made in USD.

If you’d like to subscribe using a different currency, such as Euro, British Pound or Australian Dollars, please email us for a customized offer.

I forgot my TinyPass login information

When you subscribed you should have received an email from TinyPass with your login info. Search back through your email (just do a search for “TinyPass”) and find that email containing your login information. You can also go to the TinyPass website here, enter your email, and use their “I forgot my password” retrieval system.

I thought I already subscribed to your website – why do I need to subscribe again?

If you’ve already subscribed, then this will have been to receive our email newsletter, which we send every 2-3 weeks. The newsletter is not linked to the subscription which gives you access to our premium content. So yes, you’ll need to sign up again and create an account with TinyPass, the software which handles our paywall subscription.

Why are some interviews freely available, and others not?

We offer our interviewees the option to make their interview freely accessible in exchange of a one-off fee. This is entirely voluntary and to the benefit of both you as reader and the interviewee, who can present his or her ideas or experience to a larger audience.

How am I billed for my subscription?

Our current subscription plan is $35 per month, with a minimum term of 12 months. To keep things simple, we will charge you for the whole year at once. Once the subscription period (12 months) is over, the subscription won’t automatically renew. You’ll be able to purchase another year worth of access to The Place Brand Observer.

Do you offer discounts, for example to students?

We sometimes offer discounts through our partners or special sales. Keep an eye on our newsletter and our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to be among the first to know about discounts.

We also offer a pay-per-view option for content which we think is of particular interest to students, such as our Place Brand Theory pages. That way you can enjoy access to those pages for 24 hours at a very low rate.

I’d love to access all premium content but have no money. Is there any other way?

Another way to get free access to our premium content is by contributing to The Place Brand Observer, such as theory and summaries of academic literature on relevant topics, or case studies. You can also join our team as volunteer, helping with tasks such as translation, social media, editing, research – or whichever skill you’d like to put into practice. More on the benefits of working with us here.

How can I update my payment details?

To update your card payment details (expiry date, CCV code etc) or to add a new payment method and set it as the new default for recurring payments:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your TinyPass e-mail address and password (you can also reset your password here)
  3. While you’re logged in: Go to My Wallet. From here you can select your existing card and update the expiry date or CCV code
  4. Or, “Add a new payment method” and check the box “Make this my default payment method”
  5. Go to “My Library” and click on your The Place Brand Observer subscription’s logo
  6. Click on “Subscription” and mark the new credit card as the default payment method
  7. Optional: Go to “My wallet” click on the old credit card and then on the garbage bin icon to delete it from your account

If I need to cancel my subscription, how can I do this?

Just head to and log in with your TinyPass account. Click on “my library” and you will see a list of your subscriptions. Then, just hover over the subscription you wish to cancel and click on the product image. Select ‘Manage Subscription’ and from here you can select ‘Don’t bill me again’. You should get an email confirmation almost immediately. And that’s it! Your subscription is now cancelled. You will continue to have full access to all the benefits of The Place Brand Observer premium content until your subscription expires.

Can I request a refund?

All subscriptions to our digital goods are final and non-refundable.

How do I contact you if I encounter a problem?

If you have paid for content and would like to contact us, you can log on to your Tinypass dashboard, click “help!” at the top of the screen, and “New inquiry,” which will enable you to message us directly. Alternatively, please send an email to