Frequently Asked Questions

Having problems accessing our premium content or questions about the different options and rates? Here some answers to frequent questions.

What’s the difference between TPBO Basic, Premium and Pro?

TPBO Basic is our low-cost subscription option for those who “just” want access to premium content on It is for individual use only.

TPBO Premium – our most popular plan – includes access to premium content, in addition to priority support, and a light version of our information scout and matchmaking services. For individuals only.

TPBO Pro offers the same benefits of the Premium Plan, but includes group access and discounts for seminars – ideal for organizations.

Why should I join/subscribe?

As the person in charge of developing, managing or marketing your city, region, destination or country, your job will be much easier with access to the latest research insights, thinking and shared experience of leading professionals.

For US$35 per month (billed annually) that’s exactly what you get with our Premium Plan, in addition to priority support (email and chat), matchmaker and information scout services. Or you go low-cost, with our Basic Plan at just $19/month.

To compare options and rates, click here.

How can I join the TPBO Premium community?

Depends on which plan you are interested in. Our overview of subscription options and rates includes instructions on how to join.

I’ve already purchased access. How do I log in?

We use a Paywall software called TinyPass (also known as Piano), which manages access to our premium content. Once you have purchased TPBO Basic, Premium or Pro, we will create your user account. with an email of your choice. Instructions on how to access our premium content will be sent to you in your welcome email.

If you have purchased access to premium content, followed the instructions in the welcome email and are still asked to pay when trying to access a premium content article, please click on the “Already purchased” link and log in with your TinyPass account.

If you are still having trouble, please visit: and log into your account. You should see a library of the content you have purchased.

Who or what is TinyPass?

Our Paywall provider is ‘Piano Software’ (formerly called TinyPass – you’ll likely come across both names). The same software is used by magazines such as SKIFT, who – like us – want to have the subscription process handled professionally and securely. TinyPass (or Piano) does that.

I forgot my TinyPass login information

When you subscribed you should have received an email from TinyPass with your login info. Search back through your email (just do a search for “TinyPass”) and find that email containing your login information. You can also go to the TinyPass website here, enter your email, and use their “I forgot my password” retrieval system.

I thought I already subscribed to your website – why do I need to subscribe again?

If you’ve already subscribed, then this will have been to receive our email newsletter, which we send every 2-3 weeks. The newsletter is not linked to access to premium content.

Why are some articles freely available, and others not?

We offer our interviewees the option to make their interview freely accessible. This is entirely voluntary and to the benefit of both you as reader and the interviewees, who can present their ideas or experience to a larger audience. We also usually keep new articles freely accessible for 7 days, before the Paywall activates.

How am I billed for my Basic, Premium or Pro plan?

To keep things simple, we will bill you annually. Once the 12 month period is over, you will be able to renew your plan.

Do you offer discounts?

We sometimes offer discounts for conference participants (if we are a media partner) or through special sales.

Tip: Keep an eye on our newsletter and our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to be among the first to know about discounts.

What if I am a student or academic?

You are a student or academic and would like to get access? Send us an email with details about your specific work/project and a letter of reference from your supervisor, course leader or head of department, and we might be able to arrange free access for you for the duration of your research project (conditions apply, please get in touch).

And if I live in a developing country?

Our rates, while competitively priced for professionals in developed countries, might be too much for you, if you live and work in a developing country. If so, please email us and tell us why you think you’d qualify for a discount on our Basic Plan, and how you will use access to our premium content to help your community.

How do I contact you if I encounter a problem?

If you have issues accessing our premium content, you can solicit technical help via your Tinypass dashboard. Alternatively, email our Premium support team at