3 Years The Place Brand Observer: Our Anniversary Offer for Premium Subscribers

This month we are celebrating three years of The Place Brand Observer. Many of you have been with us all along, for which we’d like to thank you with this special offer:

Become a TPBO Premium subscriber before May 31st and we’ll reward you with 3 additional bonus months (value of US $105)!

How do I benefit – what’s included?

As Premium subscriber you will benefit from:

  1. free access to our Premium content, including 120+ expert interviews, case studies and research insights;
  2. a light version of our Information Scout service;
  3. a light version of our Matchmaking service.

Is this for me?

To give you an idea of who invests in our Premium access and services, here some of our latest subscribers:

  • City brand program manager, Australia
  • City official, USA
  • Head of Marketing, Design and development agency, Australia
  • City brand researcher and advisor, Latvia
  • Branding consultant, Singapore
  • Destination marketing consultancy, Greece
  • Economic development specialist, Canada

How do I claim my bonus months?

Simply send us an email to premium@placebrandobserver.com, with ‘Bonus’ in the subject line.

Know someone who might be interested in our anniversary offer? Spread the word!

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The Editorial Team

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