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Julian Stubbs

Globetrotter, e-ployee and Founder of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE

What Is It Like to Be a Digital Nomad or E-Ployee?

Julian Stubbs in this guest post looks at the differences between digital nomad and e-ployee and the benefits of working as an e-ployee.

What’s It Like Being a Digital Nomad in Stockholm, Sweden?

How good is Stockholm for digital nomads and e-ployees? Stockholm resident and globetrotter Julian Stubbs looks at the pros and cons of living in Sweden's capital.

What Benjamin Franklin Would Think About Digital Nomads

Julian Stubbs introduces us to the history and preferences of digital nomads and e-ployees. First of a series of blog post by the founder and director of cloud-based communications agency UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

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