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Malcolm Allan

Malcolm Allan is the President of Bloom Consulting, a country region and city brand strategy consultancy which he joined in 2018 when he merged his own consultancy, Placematters with it. Malcolm has worked in the UK for both central and local governments and as a private consultant.

How to Increase Place Resilience to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts and Strengthen Reputation

Malcolm Allan on how places, in particular towns, cities and urban conurbations, can increase the resilience of their placemaking in the face of the existing and potential challenges of climate change.

Climate Emergency: What Place Branders Can Do Right Now

How place branding teams can - and should - respond to the climate emergency is the focus of this contribution by Malcolm Allan, President of Bloom Consulting.

Climate Emergency: Why Place Branding Must Respond (And How It Can)

Climate resilience and mitigation - and the implications for place branding: the focus of the expert contributions by our Special Observer, Malcolm Allan.

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