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7 Tips on How to Make a Career in Place Branding: Leading Professionals Give Advice

Expert advice on how to make a career in place branding - both research and practice. Essential knowledge for future place managers, place marketers, economic developers and public diplomacy professionals.

7 Golden Rules for Marketing Sustainable Destinations

Jeremy Smith shares seven golden rules for marketing sustainable destinations - essential advice on how to communicate sustainability in travel and tourism.

Recap City Nation Place Forum 2016 – Insights for Place Brand Professionals

Learn about key place branding insights, examples and global trends in this recap of the City Nation Place Forum which took place in London, November 2016.

7 Tips on How to Choose a Place Brand Consultant

7 tips for place marketers and brand managers on how to choose a branding consultant for your city, region, country or destination.

How to Navigate the Place Branding Jungle – Advice for Place Leaders

In this guest post by Marc Puig, former head of marketing and communication of the city of Barcelona, learn about common place branding pitfalls and how to navigate the place branding jungle.

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