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Expert Advice

Tackling Urban Development Challenges – The Metro Matrix Method

Population growth means pressure for urban centers. Svetlana Masjutina presents the Metro Matrix method by Pedro Orbiz as one way to tackle the urban development challenge.

How Nation Branding can Accelerate National Competitiveness and FDI

India place brand equity expert Aparna Sharma shares thoughts on how nation branding can help national competitiveness and attraction of foreign investment.

National Prosperity Explained: The 2015 Legatum Prosperity Index

Learn about national prosperity around the world and the Legatum Prosperity Index 2015 in this guest post by place brand expert Svetlana Masjutina.

Virtual Real Estate – Geographic Domain Extensions for Place Marketing

Guest post by Dirk Krischenowski on geographic domain extension and their use for place branding and marketing, especially cities and destinations.

How to Measure Success and ROI of Destination Marketing – DMO Challenges and Trends

Destination marketing experts Michael Gehrisch and Manolis Psarros discuss the changes and challenges faced by DMOs regarding setting KPIs and measuring ROI.

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