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9 Key Differences Between Advertising Agencies and Brand Consultancies

Marcus Osborne presents nine key differences between advertising agencies and brand consultancies. Highly recommended reading for those in charge of the brand development and management of cities, regions or destinations.

The Changing Face of Post-Coup Turkey

Samantha North reflects on the changing face of post-coup Turkey, and how recent developments in the country have impacted its image abroad.

Three Steps for Turkey to Reposition its Brand Image in Time of Coup

Efe Sevin suggests three steps for Turkey to proactively manage its deteriorating country brand image in time of coup.

Not Just About Money: How Cities Become Leaders in Talent Attraction

Svetlana Masjutina shares her thoughts and provides examples of how cities can become leaders in talent attraction and retention, especially catering to the needs of the millennial workforce. Case studies include Houston, Nashville, Montreal.

Book Review of Places: Identity, Image and Reputation by Simon Anholt

Review of the book Places: Identity, Image and Reputation by Simon Anholt. Summary of key points and the author's view on place branding.

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