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Why Not to Confuse Place Branding and Place Marketing

Place branding and place marketing: where's the difference? Place reputation expert Robert Govers has answers - and illustrates how both can benefit cities, regions, countries.

How (Not) to Communicate Sustainability in Destination Marketing: Keep it Real

Sustainability and tourism marketing expert Professor Xavier Font gives tips on how (not) to communicate sustainability as part of destination marketing.

5 Place Branding Principles for Successful Brand Development and Management

Get to know the five place branding principles to guide the successful brand development or management for cities, regions, destinations, countries or nations.

Place Branding Bookshelf

Place branding is one of those terms which are often misunderstood. We recommend the following books for professionals or students interested in developing and...

Storytelling Tips for Place Branding Professionals

Four essential storytelling tips for place branding professionals and those working in city, destination, region or country marketing.

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