New Zealand

New Zealand: The Intriguing Story of a Destination Brand

For those interested in the branding and reputation of destinations, New Zealand is an intriguing case. Here's a summary of our special series on the origins, success and challenges of the country's 100% Pure New Zealand brand proposition.

Media Coverage of Clean, Green and 100% Pure New Zealand

Summary of research conducted for assessing place brand credibility in the case of 'clean, green' and '100% Pure' New Zealand destination brand positioning.

Place Brand Credibility: Example New Zealand

When place brand credibility and legitimacy are challenged: learn about the case of 'clean, green' and '100% Pure' New Zealand.

Place Brand Equity: Economic Value of ‘Clean, Green’ New Zealand

Short review of literature on the economic value of New Zealand's 'clean, green' national image and its '100% Pure' destination brand.

Origins and Success of 100% Pure New Zealand Destination Brand

'100% Pure New Zealand' is widely regarded one of the most successful destination branding campaigns. But how did it all start? Find out in this summary of literature on the origins and success of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.

Origins and Meaning of ‘Clean, Green’ New Zealand

In this example of country reputation, learn about the origins and meaning of 'clean, green' New Zealand, and how this place myth has shaped the country's brand positioning, its image and national identity.
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