City Reports

City reports: discover what cities are doing to nurture their identity and to strengthen their appeal. Find out how, through smart strategies and imaginative measures, they strive to progress and prosper.

At the core of our city reports are interviews with city brand “makers”, ambassadors and brand managers. Get to know each city – its successes and challenges – through their stories and observations.

Also included in our city reports is a summary of international rankings and indices on the city’s performance, its brand strength and reputation.

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August 2020 | Keywords: city branding, destination branding, sustainability, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, tourism, city image, reputation, talent attraction, destination marketing

When thinking about Barcelona, what comes to your mind? Would you choose the Catalan capital as place to live, work or invest in?

In this special report we introduce you to the city’s vision, ambitions, its country brand strategy and opportunities waiting to be seized.

You might also be interested in our Barcelona Destination Report, in which we explore how the city’s tourism leaders and managers are addressing issues such as overcrowding (overtourism), to make the popular destination more sustainable.

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