Entro Communications

With a legacy dating back 50 years and a team of over 45 in offices in Toronto, Calgary and Zürich, Entro is a world leader in the field of branding and environmental design.

Business location: Toronto, Calgary, Zürich

Which topics linked to the branding and reputation of places are you most passionate about at Entro?

  • Placemaking for cities, or destinations within cities
  • Putting the user first – engaging users in design research and ensuring inclusivity and relevance to all users
  • Changing the everyday experiences of cities and places
  • Using research and technology to understand how to best use the built environment and public realm for branded experiences
  • Representing locality and culture in design

Who is leading Entro?

Our core team: Andrew Kuzyk, Wayne McCutcheon, Vincent Matthieu Gratton, Gordon McTaggart, Cynthia Damar Schnobb, Rae Lam and Laura Sellors

5 hashtags which best describe your work?

#placebranding #wayfinding #experientialdesign #humancentred #graphicdesign

Advice you’d like to share?

Design is about more than just aesthetics; it’s what shapes the everyday experiences that contribute to our understanding of the world. Design should inspire – informing and enriching our daily lives as we move through spaces.

We believe this level of design demands collaboration and multidisciplinary thinking. Science, technology, and research are very much a part of that mix. We approach our work through research and a foundation in science to better understand the social, cultural and psychological influences that affect how people think, feel and behave within any environment.

Scientific data is factum, but embracing uncertainty is also a key part of design-thinking. Creativity is born from uncertainty, combining intuition and artistic sensibility to challenge the status quo and deliver the unprecedented.

The best solutions, then, are a balance of functionality and beauty – ones that consider architectural and cultural intent, problem solving and business strategy while creating experiences that connect with people on an emotional level.

How to engage with Entro?

Through email, social media, in person meetings, attending conferences we are at/speaking at, through our website.