Maísa Prieto – Independent Advisor

Maísa Prieto: independent consultant focused on tourism destination branding, tourism destination marketing strategy, innovation in tourism  and product development.

Based in Santiago de Chile

Maísa Prieto has been working on different aspects of tourism marketing since 1997. She worked for the representation for South Cone of Puerto Rico and Cayman Islands Governments in Buenos Aires and afterwards for the Tourism Promotion Organization in Chile.

At present she works as independent consultant and as tourism marketing and tourism product development teacher at Universidad Andrés Bello, in Santiago de Chile.

Maísa advises in areas such as tourism product development, tourism destination strategy and marketing as well as destination brand identity.

Why hire you?

I have been working in different fields related to destination branding in South America for quite a long time now, so I understand the scenery in which it is usually developed.

Which topics are you particularly passionate about?

  • Tourism destination branding and marketing
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Sustainability
  • Placemaking

Five hashtags which best describe your style, offer:

#creativity #destinationbranding #storytelling #brandstrategy #innovation #smallcities

Who have you recently worked with?

After working for the Chilean Tourist Board to promote the country abroad, I concentrated on small city destination branding, marketing and product development in Chile. I have been working for Rapel lake, Navidad, developing new tourism products and destination branding.

Now I am starting a project developing the Camino a Gabriela Mistral tourism route in the Coquimbo region in Chile.

A few bits of advice you’d like to share?

It is useless (and even dangerous) to promote a tourist destination without having developed a good product before. And there is no good tourism product if, in the first place, you don’t understand the audience you are aiming for and the community you are immersed in.

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