Green Destinations Initiative Unites Leaders in Sustainability

Green Destinations Initiative launched to showcase best practice in tourism and sustainability: The transition of sustainability and sustainable tourism from niche market opportunity to mainstream concern is in full swing. And because sustainability is a multi-stakeholder endeavor, attention is moving toward destination managers, developers and marketers, charged with implementing the right strategies to protect their local culture and heritage and pristine environments.

This change is happening at a time where access to some of the most vulnerable tourism destinations is being limited, giving us a glimpse of what may lay ahead: Virtual reality ‘holidaying’ for the masses, and luxury, real experiences for the lucky few? In any case, continuing under the old strategy of ‘destination marketing to attract more visitors’ is hardly a viable option for popular destinations who feel the pressure – be it cities like Barcelona or islands where diving and snorkeling – together with Climate Change impact – have led to lasting damage. But what to do?

Green Destinations initiative:

Initially launched in 2014, the Top 100 Green Destinations initiative is now gaining momentum, with the second Top 100 Green Destinations list ready for the Green Destination Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this September.

Top 100 Green destinations 2016 is the continuation of an initiative started by National Geographic Traveler, and each year gives recognition of excellence to destinations that have successfully introduced sustainability measures in tourism. Among the candidates running for the title is also the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana.

The aim of Green Destinations, which is headquartered in the Netherlands, is to encourage public and private sector and civil initiatives within destinations all over the world to participate in introducing sustainable practices in tourism. Green solutions contribute to balanced development at the ecological, social and economic levels, which together constitute the three pillars of sustainability.

Save the Date: 2016 Global Green Destinations Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Top 100 Green Destinations Sustainable Tourism Leaders

A 2-day conference, Global Green Destinations Day is taking place in Ljubljana on 27-28 September 2016. This coincides with World Tourism Day, 27th September. Leading experts in sustainable development and green tourism will discuss latest advancements with opinion leaders, representatives of destinations, associations, hoteliers and tourist operators who strive for sustainable development in tourism.

The main partner and co-organizer of the event is Ljubljana Tourism, in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board. The capital of Slovenia has won the candidacy for the green conference, also thanks to its title of European Green Capital 2016.

The Global Green Destinations Day program also presents the awards ceremony for the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations 2016, featuring the most successful sustainable tourism destinations of the world, as well as the best providers of green solutions in the tourism sector, who will receive awards for their responsible environmental and social performance.

The Place Brand Observer supports the Green Destinations initiative as research and media partner, together with

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Hi, we hope you found this post useful. Want to stay up to date on latest place branding insights, strategies, stories and examples? Join our mailing list! More about our Services here.