Quick Guide: How to Measure Effectiveness of Place Branding Initiatives

How to measure effectiveness of place branding initiatives is a question often asked by those in charge of city brand development, destination marketing or nation branding.

Finding answers to this question is particularly crucial for public administrations, whose budgeting requires accountability and the ability to measure return on investment.

The good news: thanks to our 50+ interviews with place branding experts around the world, we have a fairly good idea about what is required to ensure successful and efficient city-, regional or national brand positioning.

The bad news: because every place is different (which is good!), there is no one master rule you could follow to guarantee effective place brand strategy implementation.

While the insights provided in our Quick Guide will definitely help, we strongly recommend you to recruit a capable, independent and trusted place branding advisor to facilitate along the way (we can help you find one, get in touch for details).

Inside this guide:

  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of place branding initiatives
  • Frequent challenges in place branding
  • Elements to consider in place branding projects

Quick Guide - How to Measure Effectiveness of Place Branding

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