Magdalena Florek Researcher Profile

Magdalena Florek is Associate Professor at the Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poland. Co-founder and vice-president of the International Place Branding Association. Co-founder and Member of the Board of Best Place – the European Place Marketing Institute. Senior Fellow at the Institute of Place Management in Manchester, UK. In 2006/2007 senior lecturer at the Marketing Department, University of Otago in New Zealand. Scholarship holder of the Fulbright Program at Northwestern University and the Kellogg School of Management in USA.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, Journal of Tourism Cities and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Consultant in brand strategy, city and region promotion. Co-author of brand strategies and other related projects for Polish cities and regions. Active speaker and member of teams working on many international projects.

Based in Poland.

Which topics linked to place branding are you most passionate about, as researcher?

  • Place branding effectiveness/measurement/performance
  • Place/destination brand identity and image
  • Place brand equity
  • Place/destination brand experience
  • Place-of-origin effect

5 hashtags which describe your research style/approach:

#conceptual #visualization #framework #cases #passion

Key insights from your research so far?

  • The role of place branding is to support place development, provide the residents’ satisfaction and well-being.
  • Today, what matters most is direct and indirect, ordinary and extraordinary experience with a place or destination.
  • Place brand identity needs to be rooted in place identity; no room for artificial strategies.
  • Place branding is a participatory process.
  • Place branding performance can be measured, but it is a challenging task that needs a strategic approach and painstaking work.

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