ON TOUR: Join us as we travel around the world to tell the stories, achievements and ambitions of cities, regions, destinations and countries.

Topics which we cover as part of TPBO on TOUR: how cities, regions and countries grow, nurture and attract talent, how they create community identity, how they work towards sustainability, how they attract investment and businesses, and what makes them great destinations to visit.

Visited so far:


Visited: April 2019

Hosted by: Slovenian Tourist Board

Topics: Smart destination branding, sustainable tourism


Visited: February 2019

Hosted by: PromPerú

Topic: Peru’s economic development and its strengths as destination for culinary and responsible tourism.


Visited: February 2019

Hosted by: Fundación Imagen de Chile

Topic: Coquimbo regional economic development opportunities and Chile’s potential as destination for astrotourism.


Visited: January 2019

Hosted by: Uruguay XXI Investment Promotion Agency

Topic: Uruguay’s economic development and its potential as a leading hub for IT startups and film productions in Latin America.


Visited: December 2018

Topic: Algarve’s development as tourist destination: sustainability challenges and opportunities

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