ON TOUR: Join us as we travel around the world to tell the stories, achievements and ambitions of cities, regions, destinations and countries.

Topics which we cover as part of TPBO on TOUR: how cities, regions and countries grow, nurture and attract talent, how they create community identity, how they work towards sustainability, how they attract investment and businesses, and what makes them great destinations to visit.

Visited so far:


December 2018 | Portugal’s southernmost region and popular summer destination finds itself at a crossroads – pressed to avoid overtourism and to bring tourism value to its rural, inland regions.

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January 2019 | Well-known among South America connoisseurs as a fairly safe, tranquil holiday destination and a producer (and consumer!) of excellent meat, Uruguay is keen to position itself as a leading hub for IT startups and film productions in Latin America. Join us on a tour around the country. Meet Uruguay’s decision makers, and hear from them what makes the country attractive as place to visit, live, work and invest.

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February 2019 | Chile is among the best places in the world for astronomy and for exploring the night sky. Astrotourism is a key opportunity for the country in 2019 and likely to get considerable attention due to the total solar eclipse in July. Join us as we visit Chile’s Coquimbo region to find out how bright the country’s stars as destination for astrotourism.

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February 2019 | Much has happened and changed in Peru in recent years: beyond Machu Picchu, the country has built itself a reputation as destination for foodies, and has found innovative ways to strengthen and communicate its brand proposition. Hop on board for a tour around the country, meet its brand ambassadors and changemakers.

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