Place Brand Academy: Degrees, Courses and Seminars for Place Professionals

Let’s face it: developing a place brand strategy and managing the reputation of cities, regions, countries or destinations can be a huge challenge, especially if those charged with the tasks don’t have the knowledge and skills needed for making place branding a success – be it for the purpose of economic development and attracting foreign investment, to support public diplomacy or destination marketing.

The following place branding seminars, master classes and executive courses will help you master the challenging task of making your city, region or destination succeed and stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Courses, seminars, masterclasses:

Branding Places

18-20 June 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Masterclass. Learn how to attract, keep and motivate residents, tourists and companies. This intensive course will translate theories, concepts and tools from different disciplines to place marketing practice – helping you to better promote, communicate and brand your place.

Best for: place marketers – destination/tourism, economic development, city marketing professionals

Organized by: Copenhagen Business School. Delivered by Erik Braun, Mihalis Kavaratzis and Sebastian Zenker.

University degrees

UPF Master Communication ManagementCommunication Management

Master of Arts | Barcelona, Spain (taught in English)

Offered jointly between the UPF [Pompeu Fabra University] Department of Communication and the UPF Barcelona School of Management. A one-year, full-time program taught entirely in English targeted at students interested in the areas of corporate communication, place branding, transmedia strategies, and digital communication.

Course leaders: José Fernández Cavia and Carles Roca Cuberes

Institute of Place Management logoPlace Management and Leadership

MA, PGDip, PGCert | Manchester, UK (taught in English)

The Place Management program at Manchester Metropolitan University is a part-time taught course designed around the professional standards developed by the Institute of Place Management to support those that are already in, or wish to move into a strategic role in place management. Blended learning: Each 30 credit unit is delivered through a 3 day block of master classes, followed up by distance learning and tutor support.

Course leader: Gary Warnaby

Chaire Attractivite Nouveau Marketing TerritorialPublic Marketing & Communications

Master of Arts | Aix-en-Provence, France (taught in French)

Operated by IMPGT and founded by French local authorities. First program dedicated to regional attractiveness and new regional marketing practices. Strong focus on innovation and follows an operational approach to regional marketing, addressing a wide range of issues linked to the attractiveness of regions, both for visitors and investment.

Course leader: Christophe Alaux

USC Master of Public Diplomacy, AnnenbergUSC Master of Public Diplomacy

Los Angeles, California (taught in English)

Public diplomacy – the effort by one government to inform and influence foreign audiences, while encouraging dialogue between its citizens and institutions and their counterparts abroad – has expanded to encompass the ever-increasing complexity of international affairs. The USC Master of Public Diplomacy degree program aims to develop the next generation of leaders within the industries of international public service, business and nongovernmental organizations.

Course leader: Nicholas Cull