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  • Full access to our knowledge library, including hundreds of articles, interviews, case studies, guides and tutorials.
  • 50% discount on our popular Matchmaking and Information Scout services.
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Who subscribes to TPBO Premium?

Mostly individuals, consultancies and institutions dedicated to talent attraction, economic development, investment attraction, city/region/country branding and destination positioning.

How much?

EUR 29/month for individuals and small businesses. EUR 99/month for organizations (excluding tax, billed annually or – with a discount – every two years).

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How to subscribe:

Individuals or very small business (up to five staff): please subscribe using the form below.

Organizations (more than five staff): please get in touch. You’ll benefit from IP-based access, in addition to the subscriber account.

Special discounts available for students and researchers, as well as persons experiencing hardship or living in developing countries. If this applies to you, then please contact us with details.

Important: please check your junk folder if you don’t hear from us right away, after having subscribed!