TPBO Premium

TPBO Premium is our service for place managers, marketers and developers who need the full picture on latest place branding strategies, insights and trends.

For EUR 29 per month* you benefit from:

  • Instant access to hundreds of articles, interviews, case studies and How To guides
  • 50% discount on all TPBO services, including matchmaking, information scout
  • 50% discount on your speaker, business or researcher profile in our Directory
  • Direct line to TPBO editor to suggest stories and topics

Who already benefits from TPBO Premium?

Mostly place professionals, consultancies and city/destination/country management, economic development and promotion agencies at state, regional and city level.

Taxation in the EU: If you join us from Europe and have a valid EU VAT tax number, then choose “business” (instead of “consumer”) in the checkout form.

Our rate of EUR 29/month* is for individuals and micro businesses. We also offer licenses for businesses and organizations with more than 5 members. Please email our support team for a price quote.

*Billed annually