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Lina Maria Echeverri on Country Branding in Latin America

Lina Maria Echeverri from Botog√° in this interview discusses country branding in Latin America, nation brands and the reputation of countries like Colombia.

Place Branding Country Profile Switzerland – Renaud Vuignier

Overview of country branding and reputation of Switzerland by Renaud Vuignier: Swiss place branding strenghts, weaknesses and recent political developments.

How Presidents Influence Country Brands: Examples from Latin America

Guest post by Professor Lina Maria Echeverri on Presidents and how they influence their country brands and national reputation: examples from Latin America.

Country Brand Rankings – What’s the Point?

Article on country branding rankings and indices, and their use for investors, tourism and economic development professionals.

Japan, Switzerland and Germany Lead Country Brand Index 2014

Japan, Switzerland, Germany have the strongest country brands, according to Country Brand Index 2014. But what makes a strong country brand? Some answers.

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