Gary Warnaby on City Marketing Trends and Branding Retail Destinations

Learn about city marketing and how to manage and brand retail destinations in cities in this interview with Gary Warnaby, Professor at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School in the UK.

Conrad Bird on the GREAT Britain Country Branding Campaign

Conrad Bird, the Director of the GREAT Britain country branding campaign, discusses the initiative's ambitions to generate jobs, growth in tourism, trade, and education, and how the Brexit vote has impacted the campaign.

David Adam on City Branding, Urban Management and Better Cities

David Adam, city development and branding consultant, discusses the future of cities and strategies for investment attraction and place brand positioning.

Roger Pride on Nation Brand Strategies and the Destination Branding of Wales

Roger Pride, place branding expert at brand consultancy Heavenly, London, on nation and destination branding of Wales.

Malcolm Allan on City Branding and Placemaking in Great Britain

Place branding expert Malcolm Allan of Place Matters in the UK in this interview shares his experience and thoughts on city development and destination branding.

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