Vienna City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Vienna: how do the Austrian capital's baroque architecture and musical heritage influence its positioning in rankings that study the cultural and economic competitiveness of cities? How well does Vienna perform in rankings that measure urban sustainability, innovation, creativity and the attractiveness of cities as business hubs?

Learn about:

  • Vienna's global power;
  • Vienna' potential as a hub for innovation;
  • Vienna and sustainability;
  • Vienna city brand performance and reputation;
  • The cultural and creative opportunities in Vienna.

Vienna’s global power

How much global power does the Austrian capital have?

Vienna’s performance in the 2017 Global Cities Index has been deteriorating during the past five years: from ranking 13th in 2012 to 20th in the latest, 2107 study.

The city's performance is similar in the 2017 Global Power City Index where it ranks 14th.  Vienna has also shown an important decline in this index, considering that in 2008 it held a strong 5th position. In this index, Vienna ranked highest for livability (4th), environment (6th) and cultural interaction (8th). Research and development, accessibility (both 27th) and economy (30th) positioned Vienna lower in the 2017 edition.

Vienna as a center for innovation 

How dynamic is Vienna compared to other European cities?

Vienna ranks 18th in the Dynamic Cities study that benchmarks European cities. The Austrian capital received the highest score for inspiration (75/100) and infrastructure (72/100). This was followed by interconnection, inclusion and investment (all score 69/100). With 67 points out of 100, innovation is Vienna’s lowest scoring pillar.

Vienna’s ranks 15th in the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index. Here, its best performing pillar is talent retainment, where it takes a strong 2nd position.

Ipsos Top Cities ranks Vienna 11th in their 2017 study. Segmented by different age groups, baby boomers (born between 1945-65) seem to be the ones who most appreciate both visiting and living in Vienna.

The 2018 Innovation Cities Index positions Vienna 19th in the study on world’s most innovative cities. This is nine positions lower than last year and makes it Europe's fifth best-ranking city in this index. 

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