Why TPBO Premium? Your Benefits

Among the very diverse reasons why place managers, developers and marketing professionals join our growing community of subscribers, here are three benefits they all appreciate:

1. Gain competitive advantage

Whether you work for a destination, city or regional council: knowing about the latest insights, tendencies and practices in place branding (this includes brand development, management, reputation monitoring) is essential for being able to develop and manage places which are attractive for talent, investors, businesses, students – and of course visitors.

Know how:

As a subscriber you’ll enjoy free access to hundreds of case studies, and interviews with leading professionals. Many of those have successfully implemented brand strategies in their city, region or destination. You’ll hear first-hand how they did it, and how they managed to overcome challenges – perhaps the same challenges you are facing right now.

Be prepared:

The art and practice of place branding and -marketing is changing, and as a professional serving your community, you’ll want to be prepared and up to date. In our interviews, and also via our Expert Panel, we continuously ask those at the coal face about latest trends. As a subscriber, you’ll be among the first to know.

2. Save time

Most place developers, managers or marketers don’t have the time to keep track of potentially relevant information, such as good practice examples. We are here to help you make sense of it all by collecting and presenting relevant information in a way which is easy to understand.

We can help you find answers to specific questions you may have (Information Scout service) or will help you find a mentor, business partner or consultant (Matchmaking service). As a subscriber, you benefit from a 50% discount on those. More about our services here.

3. Save money

Best value for money: As a subscriber, you get to enjoy trustworthy, independently researched and carefully selected knowledge and tips. No glossy brochures or lengthy presentations, but world-class knowledge which every economic development organization, DMO or city council can afford.

This is especially valuable for small cities and regions which perhaps cannot afford in-house or external research and consulting.

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