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Olle Zetterberg on Stockholm Business Region Marketing and Branding

Olle Zetterberg in this interview discusses the challenges and sucesses of branding the Stockholm Business Region, talent attraction and city marketing trends - and pitfalls to avoid.

Julian Stubbs on City Branding of Liverpool, Stockholm, Place Marketing Challenges and Trends

Julian Stubbs discusses the maturing practice of place branding, the case of Stockholm, destination and city marketing trends, challenges and developments, and the Liverpool Place Branding event 2018.

Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden on Country Brands and Destination Marketing in the Digital Era

Nation branding and destination marketing in the digital era are some of the topics which Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden discusses in this interview.

Eduardo Oliveira on Place Branding and Strategic Spatial Planning

Eduardo Oliveira in this interview discusses the role of place branding in spatial planning strategies and how social media is used in destination branding.

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