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Welcome to the city observatory, virtual research hub monitoring city image, city brands and city reputation.

City profiles

How do cities around the world perform in terms of economic competitiveness, livability, sustainability and appeal for e-ployees and digital nomads? How do they compare in terms of brand strength and reputation?

Economic competitiveness, talent attraction potential, livability and sustainability form part of our city profiles: summaries of rankings, studies and indices measuring and monitoring city performance, brand strength and reputation.

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Trend watch: expert interviews

City managers, developers and marketers share their thoughts on latest trends and developments likely to affect the image, reputation and brand(ing) of cities.

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Here a list of all our interviews with city brand professionals

City reports

Complementary to our city guides, in our city reports we go beyond data available through rankings and indices and take a closer look at a specific city’s development. We do this through expert interviews with professionals who live in the city and know it well.

First city report coming soon.