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Explore the evolving landscape of city branding in our City Observatory. As urban centers become pivotal in shaping sustainable futures, we investigate how they attract talent, foster innovation, and contribute to global goals. Who are the leaders reimagining these cities as hubs of culture and sustainable development?

Our extensive collection of insights, engaging stories, and comprehensive reports delves into cities' talent attraction strategies, the nuances of placemaking, and the effective tactics of city branding. Gain insights into how these strategies contribute to a city's identity and reputation, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

City Brand Performance Benchmarking:

How do cities around the world perform in terms of economic competitiveness, livability, sustainability, innovation? How attractive are they for talent, investors and as places to live? How do they compare in terms of brand strength and reputation?

Economic competitiveness, talent attraction potential, livability and sustainability are some of the aspects which we check in our city profiles: summaries of rankings, studies and indices measuring and monitoring city performance, brand strength and reputation.

Cities profiled so far:

City Brand Impact Stories

In our in-depth city showcases we combine the data available through rankings and indices as well as perception surveys with the TPBO panel and audience, with expert interviews with professionals who live in the city and know it well. Sometimes we start with "just" an expert interview and take it from there.

City showcases so far:

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Who Is Who in City Branding

City managers, urban developers, marketing specialists and placemakers share their story and insights. Find out about city branding research and practice: the strategies and visions, the challenges and latest trends likely to affect the image, reputation and brand(ing) of cities.

Our most popular interviews with city brand makers and shapers (view all here):

City Brand Impact Case Studies & Success Strategies

Our case studies explore real-world examples of successful urban strategies and initiatives. These in-depth analyses provide valuable insights for city planners, policymakers, and researchers looking to understand the factors driving success in urban environments and apply them to their own cities.

A City Brand Assessment of Warsaw, Poland

In this guest contribution, Michał Basiński of Synergia Lublin shares insights into the company's analysis of Warsaw's strengths and weaknesses as a city brand: the first step of any successful place brand management strategy.

Why Graz? Andrea Keimel on the Austrian City’s Brand Strengths and Business Opportunities

What makes the city of Graz in Austria attractive as a business location? Andrea Keimel illustrates the city's brand strengths and appeal as place to live and invest in.

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