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Place Brand Leaders podcast – a lively mix of reflections on place branding and everything to do with it, conversations with experts on community identity and place reputation, and presentations of place brand impact stories from around the world.

Right now in its third season. Enjoy!

Hosted by Florian Kaefer.

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#16 Ten Years of TPBO & What’s Next

Welcome to the first episode of Season 3 and our 16th episode overall on the Place Brand Leaders Podcast. This time, we’re celebrating The Place Brand Observer’s 10th anniversary. Join me, Florian Kaefer, as I looks back over ten years of place branding and discuss what’s coming next.

#15 Costa Rica: A Decade of Successful Country Branding

Join me on the latest episode (#15) of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, where I had the pleasure of chatting with Adriana Acosta, the head of  international promotion at PROCOMER in Costa Rica, about the remarkable success of the nation’s country brand strategy – Essential Costa Rica. We delve into the 10-year journey of Essential Costa Rica, exploring its achievements, challenges, and future aspirations. Tune in now as we shine a Spotlight on Costa Rica!

#14 World Expos: City Branding Opportunity?

I was recently invited to speak at a conference in South Korea, on city branding – and whether world expos have the potential to support it. In this 14. episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast I reflect on this question and share some insights from research by Magdalena Florek and Marta Herezniak on the topic. Plus a few updates from The Place Brand Observer.

#13 How Sustainability Impacts Country Brands

That’s the question which we address in this 13. episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast: based on a recent panel discussion and a presentation I gave at the Global Soft Power Forum in London two weeks ago. Featuring Costa Rica and New Zealand.

#12 Place Branding Priorities 2022

What are the key trends and priorities which will impact the work of place brand managers in 2022? We asked our panel of place brand specialists. Corresponding blog post here.

#11 Measuring Place Branding Success

How to measure the success – effectiveness and impact – of place branding programs? Our panel of experts has some good ideas, which I share with you in this shortcast episode. You will also find this summary (starting on page 25) in An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding: Shaping the Identity and Reputation of Cities, Regions and Countries (Springer, 2021).

#10 Keys to Place Branding Success

The keys to place branding success – based on insights shared by the TPBO panel of place identity and reputation experts.

#9 Why Do Many Place Branding Initiatives Fail?

Why do many place branding projects fail? In this shortcast I provide insights by the TPBO expert panel on the main reasons for place branding failure.

#8 Why (Invest in) Place Branding?

A short reflection on the question: why engage with place branding, how useful is it? With insights from the TPBO panel of experts, published in An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding: Shaping the Identity and Reputation of Cities, Regions and Countries (Springer, 2021).

#7 On Costa Rica and New Zealand

This shortcast episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast is dedicated to Costa Rica and New Zealand, two of my favorite countries – one I know well, the other I am yet to explore. We recently published our interview with Costa Rica’s Head of Country Branding, Daniel Valverde Bagnarello, and just completed (and published) our report on New Zealand, which includes the interview with Rebecca Smith, Director of the New Zealand Story. More about why I find those two countries so fascinating – and my favorite quote from the interviews – in this shortcast.

I also briefly introduce my new book, An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding: what it is about and why I think you’ll like it.

#6 Auckland City Branding Success Story

How has Auckland in New Zealand become an example of successful city branding? To find out we caught up with Shelley Watson and Clare Barker of Auckland Unlimited. In the episode we discuss the strengths and benefits of Auckland as investment location and place to live, how the harbour city approaches city branding, the challenges, the do’s and don’ts, as well as climate change and sustainability and how Auckland has been handling the coronavirus pandemic. Read the interview here.

#5 Place Branding Trends and Priorities 2021

In this episode Florian shares some of the key insights from the TPBO expert panel on the trends and priorities which place brand managers should keep an eye on this year.

#4 What is Place Brand Management?

In this episode Aleks Vladimirov talks with Martin Boisen who merges the academic and practitioner worlds of place branding as a consultant and lecturer. The conversation centres on the organisational side of doing place branding or, as Martin calls it, “Place Brand Management”. A longer version of the conversation can be found on

#3 The Climate Emergency and Place Branding

The climate emergency and its meaning for place branding is the focus of our third episode, for which Florian sat down with Malcolm Allan, President of Bloom Consulting, discussing TPBO’s white paper on the topic.

#2 Resuming Tourism Post-Pandemic

Our second podcast episode is about how destination marketers and managers can resume tourism sustainably post the Covid-pandemic. We discuss some of the 10 tips by industry experts who contributed to the white paper on the topic.

#1 Introducing The Place Brand Observer

In this first episode, Aleks Vladimirov interviews Florian about The Place Brand Observer: how it all began, how “place branding” has changed over the years, and why this podcast.

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