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"Soft power" is like the cool kid in school who everyone wants to be friends with, not because she's strong or bossy, but because she's charismatic and likable. In the world of countries and businesses, soft power isn't about using force or money to get what you want. Instead, it's about influencing others through attraction, like culture, values, or the way a country or company behaves. Think of it as the opposite of "hard power," which is more about using force or threats.

The term "soft power" was first coined by Joseph Nye, a scholar and professor, in the late 1980s. it is commonly used today, especially in the context of public diplomacy.

We have developed this special page on soft power in partnership with Brand Finance, publisher of the Global Soft Power Index and convenor of the annual Soft Power Summit in London, UK.

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Our Soft Power Knowledge Partner

Brand Finance

Brand Finance (HQ: London, UK) is a leading global brand valuation consultancy that offers expertise in analyzing and evaluating brand value and business impact. Over the years, the firm has delved into the realm of soft power, recognizing its significance in the world of brands and international relations.

Through its research and insights, Brand Finance sheds light on how companies and countries can leverage soft power to strengthen their brand reputation and enhance influence. By offering tools, reports, and consultation in this space, Brand Finance helps entities understand and harness the intangible allure of soft power, ensuring they make lasting, positive impressions on their audiences.

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