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Pumela Salela

Pumela Salela is on a mission to brand Africa one country at a time. Discover her inspiring journey and connect with her as a speaker and advisor.

Mariusz Sagan on Shaping Lublin: Innovative Strategies for a Dynamic City Brand

Discover how Mariusz Sagan is driving Lublin’s development and growth through innovative strategies and collaborations in our interview.

Leonardo Nieto on Advancing Colombia’s Place Branding and Destination Management

Explore Leonardo Nieto's thoughts on Colombia's place branding and destination management: challenges, successes and trends.

Maria Lypiatska on Leading Brand Ukraine with Resilience and Vision

Discover how Maria Lypiatska, Head of Brand Ukraine, navigates the challenges of nation branding during crisis. Interview.

Courtney Fingar on Navigating the Future of FDI and Economic Development

Explore Courtney Fingar's insights on FDI and the future of investment attraction and economic development in this exclusive interview.

Xinxin Liu on City Branding in China: Navigating Urban Identity and Economic Growth

Explore insights into city branding in China with Xinxin Liu, Associate Professor at the Communication University of China.
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