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This hub is a specialized resource tailored for professionals and enthusiasts alike, focusing on the intricate world of place branding. Whether you're working on positioning a bustling metropolis, highlighting the rich heritage of a region, or crafting the narrative for a quaint neighborhood or town, our curated insights offer a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Place branding is about more than just marketing; it's about weaving a cohesive and compelling story, driving economic growth, fostering community pride, and setting a strategic vision for the future. Join us as we delve deep into strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches that are shaping the way places are perceived globally.

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The successful development and management of place brands thrive on the active exchange of ideas and expertise. Regularly, we welcome professionals in place branding, economic development, marketing, and public diplomacy to share their insights on emerging trends and evolving strategies.

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Want to know how to approach place branding and which practical steps to take when charged with developing a brand strategy for your city, region, community, or destination? Have a look at our Place Branding Guides and Tutorials to find out if we’ve already covered what you’re looking for. If not, please feel free to get in touch.

What Is Place Brand Management? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Four

What exactly is place branding - or perhaps better - place brand management all about? We asked Martin Boisen in this fourth episode of the Place Brand Leaders Podcast.

Place Branding and the Climate Emergency: Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Three

Climate change and its implications for place branding is the topic of the third episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, hosted by Florian Kaefer - this time in conversation with Malcolm Allan of Bloom Consulting.

Place Brand Theory

You are a student, researcher or practitioner looking for theories, concepts and academic literature linked to place branding, marketing and reputation? Our Place brand theory collection is a good start.

Most popular on place brand theory:

5-Step Approach to Place Branding: Guide for Place Developers and Brand Managers

Learn which five steps constitute the place branding process. A How-To Guide for place brand developers in cities, regions, countries, destinations.

5 Place Branding Principles for Successful Brand Development and Management

Get to know the five place branding principles to guide the successful brand development or management for cities, regions, destinations, countries or nations.

Latest Research Insights

Connecting academics with practitioners is a key objective of our work. Together with the Journal of Place Branding & Public Diplomacy, we bring you summaries and reflections on latest research conducted on the reputation and branding of places.

Knowledge Update: The Latest in Place Branding, Sports, and Pandemic Diplomacy Research

Research insights on leveraging sports, cultural events, and pandemic diplomacy for effective place branding and public engagement.

Insights on Nation Branding in Latin America & the Caribbean, with Aglaë Perrin

Discover Aglaé Perrin's insights on Nation Branding in Latin America & Caribbean and her unique findings on Costa Rica's brand strategy.

Recommended Books

Especially for busy professionals, finding time to keep up to date on latest thinking can be difficult. Our selection of recommended books on place branding provides you an overview of those titles that have been recommended by place branding researchers and practitioners interviewed by us.

Tip: Check out An Insider's Guide to Place Branding (Springer, 2021) by TPBO founder, Florian Kaefer, for a summary of combined insights and stories shared by the TPBO panel and professional network over the years.

An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding

Academic Journals

You are new to place branding research and want to know where to publish your findings or where to find articles for your literature review? Our academic journals page offers a list of publications linked to the branding and reputation of places.

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