An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding – The Book

How can we shape the identity and reputation of cities, regions and countries?

An Insider’s Guide to Place Branding (Springer International Publishing 2021) sets out to answer this question.

This professional guidebook highlights brand development and management for cities, regions, countries, and destinations. It presents a unique collection of expert interviews, combined with latest research insights and thoughts on the most relevant topics and trends linked to the reputation, brand development and management of cities, regions, countries and destinations.

This is a book which offers inspiring personal stories and reflections, and at the same time serves as essential know how guide for busy place managers, marketers and developers who care about the reputation and well-being of their community.

Combines insights from the TPBO panel sessions with our interviews with place brand experts.

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“Florian Kaefer is the soul of The Place Brand Observer, TPBO’s contributions to the field are unparalleled, and this book reflects these credentials. Combining chapters by the author with depth interviews featuring notable persons in the field – Govers, Warnaby, Florek, Zenker, and many others – this book offers insights and wisdom that make it a must resource for practitioners. I highly recommend it.”

Nicolas Papadopoulos, Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing and International Business, Carleton University, Canada

“The world has changed and place brands now mean more than ever. We need new signals of place quality as well as new understanding of what place attractiveness is. Florian carefully manages expert opinions and gives us a broad picture. The mosaic of cases, interviews and thoughts is of great help for those who are in charge of city image, tourism development and place promotion. But additionally the book gives the foundation for academics – to build and test our theories at this new level.”

Irina Shafranskaya, Russia