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Country branding is among the most popular topics which we have written about here on Not just because it has become so important to think about how a country wants to be perceived by the rest of the world and its own citizens. Also because it is extremely difficult to do it well.

But what is country branding about, how does it link with public diplomacy and nation branding? The purpose of this page is to make it easier for you to find answers to those and similar questions.

Meet world's most innovative, leading country branders and learn from their mistakes and successes. Explore our country branding case studies and take a peek behind the scenes in our country reports.

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Leonardo Nieto on Advancing Colombia’s Place Branding and Destination Management

Explore Leonardo Nieto's thoughts on Colombia's place branding and destination management: challenges, successes and trends.

Country Branding Research Insights

Country branding research delves deeply into the exploration and understanding of how nations are viewed by audiences around the world. This field rigorously examines the various elements that shape a country's international image, considering aspects like its rich cultural heritage, governance strategies, economic achievements, and notable contributions on the global front.

This insightful research is pivotal for comprehending the intricate nuances of national branding. It aids in the development of strategies that appeal to a myriad of cultures and demographics. By employing both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, it brings to light the foundational beliefs and views that mold global perceptions of nations. Such insights significantly influence the decisions of investors, travelers, and global bodies when engaging with a country.

For a comprehensive look, browse our collection that spans theories, innovative methodologies, and illustrative case studies in this evolving domain.

Sayaka Toyokawa on Place Branding in Japan and Taking the IPBA Course

Sayaka Toyokawa took home the award for best assignment submitted at the recently completed course by the International Place Branding Organization. We caught up with her to learn about place branding in Japan.

Country Branding Examples & Success Strategies

Country branding embodies the deliberate initiatives taken by a nation to mold its international image in a favorable light. Through these efforts, countries aim to establish a reputable standing, drawing in investments, boosting tourism, and fostering stronger diplomatic relations. By analyzing various examples, we can gain a clearer picture of how nations deploy branding strategies to enhance their global appeal and recognition.

Daniel Valverde on Costa Rica’s Country Branding Strategy

Daniel Valverde Bagnarello on Costa Rica's country branding strategy and how the nation is successfully linking its brand proposition with values of sustainability and climate emergency mitigation.

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