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Living and Working in Brabant

What's it like to live and work in Brabant, the economic powerhouse of the Netherlands? Find out in our Brabant region showcase!

Living and Working in Tasmania

Explore Tasmania's appeal as a place to live and work, spotlighting its sustainability ambitions and its recent Health Attraction campaign.

Why Fribourg? Jerry Krattiger on the Region’s Business Resiliency and Focus on Bioeconomy and Industry 4.0

Jerry Krattiger of Fribourg Development Agency explains why Fribourg is a world-class destination for business investment, and how it is expanding its focus on bioeconomy and Industry 4.0.

Why Schwyz? Urs Durrer on the Canton’s Strengths and Vision as Business Location

Schwyz is well-known in Switzerland and abroad as a tax friendly location to do business and invest in. But there is more to it, as Urs Durrer shares in this interview.

Why Western Switzerland? Thomas Bohn on the Greater Geneva Bern Area as Business Location

Thomas Bohn illustrates the strengths of the Greater Geneva Bern area (Western Switzerland) as a favorable business location in the heart of Europe.

Why Baselland? Thomas Kuebler on How Switzerland’s Business Region Attracts Investors and Talent

What makes Baselland in Switzerland attractive as a business location? Thomas Kuebler illustrates the region's brand strengths and appeal as place to live and invest in.
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