Country Observatory

Which countries are the most attractive for talent, investors or visitors? What do countries do to strengthen their identity and to nurture their image and reputation – for example as a “good” member of the world community? What are the people like who make it happen?

Find answers to questions like those in our Country Observatory: a collection of insights, stories and reports linked to the performance of countries, their investment and talent attraction strategies, country branding initiatives, nation brand value and reputation.

Country Showcases

In our country reports we take a closer look at a specific country’s “brand” story: what makes it attractive, which are its key strengths and challenges, how does it see itself, and how do others see it? A snapshot of perceptions and strategies, based on interviews with some of the country’s leading strategists and changemakers.

Latest country showcases:

Costa Rica | New Zealand | SwitzerlandSouth Africa | Slovenia | Peru | ChileUruguay | More here

Benchmarking: Country Performance

Economic competitiveness, soft power, reputation and contribution to global well-being are some of the topics we look at in our country profiles: summaries of rankings, studies and indices measuring and monitoring a country’s performance, its brand strength and reputation.

Countries profiled so far:

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | Costa Rica | Denmark | FranceGermany | Estonia | Iceland | India | Indonesia | Israel | Italy | Japan | MexicoNew Zealand | Nigeria | Peru | Poland | Russia | Singapore | Spain | South Africa | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | United Kingdom | Uruguay | USA

Expert Interviews

Country image researchers, country brand managers and public diplomacy specialists share their story and insights. Find out about country branding research and practice: the strategies and visions, the challenges and latest trends likely to affect the image, reputation and brand(ing) of countries.

Latest interviews with country brand professionals:

Here the list of all interviews with country brand professionals.

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