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Explore our Country Observatory to gain a deeper understanding of how countries balance economic competitiveness, soft power, and reputation while contributing to global well-being.

Our country profiles provide detailed summaries of various rankings, studies, and indices that measure and monitor a nation's performance, brand strength, and global reputation.

Discover the innovative methods countries employ to attract talent and investment, and learn about their efforts to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

Our comprehensive collection of insights and reports highlights effective approaches to talent attraction, cutting-edge country branding techniques, and strategies that enhance a nation's global reputation through sustainable and impactful actions.

Economic competitiveness, soft power, reputation and contribution to global well-being are some of the topics we look at in our country profiles: summaries of rankings, studies and indices measuring and monitoring a country's performance, its brand strength and reputation.

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Country Brand Impact Stories

In our country showcases we take a closer look at a specific country’s “brand” story: what makes it attractive, which are its key strengths and challenges, how does it see itself, and how do others see it? A snapshot of vision, achievements and strategies, based on interviews with some of the country’s leading brand managers and changemakers.

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Latest Country Brand Impact Showcases:

Who Is Who in Country Branding

Country image researchers, country brand managers and public diplomacy specialists share their story and insights. Find out about country branding research and practice: the strategies and visions, the challenges and latest trends likely to affect the image, reputation and brand(ing) of countries.

Here our collection including all interviews with country brand professionals.

Latest interviews with country brand professionals:

Adriana Acosta: Leading Costa Rica’s Country Branding Strategies

Meet Adriana Acosta, in charge of 'Essential Costa Rica,' driving the nation's image through strategic branding and market positioning.

Country Brand Impact Success Strategies

Our country brand impact case studies offer a deep dive into successful strategies implemented in specific countries, providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making and policy formulation.

Daniel Valverde on Costa Rica’s Country Branding Strategy

Daniel Valverde Bagnarello on Costa Rica's country branding strategy and how the nation is successfully linking its brand proposition with values of sustainability and climate emergency mitigation.

Country-of-Origin Branding: The Story of Turkey, Kernel & Roast

How country-of-origin can be used to brand a store, and how branded stores can feed back into the strength and reputation of a country's brand: example of Turkey and Kenel & Roast's flagship store in London, UK.

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