Institute for Identity (INSTID)

INSTID, the Institute for Identity, helps create emotional connections between places and people. Places become economically robust and resilient, attractive to visitors and talent, and inspiring and interesting to residents.

INSTID’s work includes a full spectrum of identity services, from brand fundamentals to iconic graphic design and advanced place reputation management.

Based in London, UK

Which topics linked to the branding and reputation of places are you most passionate about at INSTID?

We help define, foster and communicate the place personality. Show its genuine character beyond obvious claims to goodness. Find purpose, and common vision, for the public and private sectors. Prevent brain drain and attract talent. Make residents confident and proud of their place.

Five hashtags which best describe INSTID:

#placeidentity #countryreputationmanagement #iconicgraphicdesign #placepersonality #resilientplaces

Client profile

INSTID (London, UK) has a specialty in defining the message of a place. Each place is more than ‘beautiful, diverse, amazing’. Each place has got a personality, a way of life, a tradition, a mentality of its own. We help understand and express it, through communication, strategy, service standards, events, and souvenirs.

We work with civil servants who have the guts to bring on a difference, who are passionate about their place and want the best for it. We work with places that are not famous, nor have easy natural advantages. We are confident they can be worthwhile, inspiring and profit-generating.

Client testimonies:

“We count ourselves lucky to have contracted INSTID. Their dedication to the project and professionalism are so strong that even we learned things about our region that we had never known”. Irina Belozerova, Director, Lipetsk Region Tourism Development Centre.

“INSTID work has helped unite the tourism industry in the region and give it a new shared purpose and developmental direction” Sergey Ivanov, Chairman, State Committee for Tourism Development, Republic of Tatarstan.

“Institute for Identity experts were able to see beyond clichés to find a fresh, inspiring and feasible brand identity for the Belarusian capital Minsk.” Andrey Savinykh, Head of Press Service, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Belarus.

Senior team:

Advice you’d like to share?

If you want to stand out from all the thousands of places claiming they are the best in the world, don’t talk in general terms (great, unique, awesome). Define your people’s character and way of life and offer others a comprehensive, all-encompassing experience of it.

Once you know your own tradition and personality, it is easy to understand your big purpose, grasp a common vision for the place, and find ways to develop your place in the best possible way.

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