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What distinguishes regions in their capability to magnetize top-tier talent, secure investment, and enthrall visitors? How are they sculpting and augmenting their identity, curating a potent image, and cultivating a stellar reputation amidst a globalized landscape? And importantly, who are the visionary individuals who breathe life into conceptual strategies, transforming them into tangible realities?

Embark on an exploratory journey with our Region Observatory, your portal to a vast reservoir of insights, arresting stories, and in-depth reports revolving around the operational dynamics of diverse business regions across continents. Here, you will unveil cutting-edge strategies pivotal for investment and talent attraction, immerse yourself into the art and science of regional branding.

Region Showcases

In our region showcases we combine the data available through rankings and indices as well as perception surveys with the TPBO panel and audience, with expert interviews with professionals who live in the region and know it well. Sometimes we start with "just" an expert interview and take it from there.

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Expert Interviews

Regional leaders, developers, marketing experts, and placemakers share their invaluable insights. Dive deep into the world of regional branding: from strategies and visions, challenges to the latest trends, understand the elements shaping the image, reputation, and brand(ing) of regions.

Explore our most popular interviews with regional brand developers and influencers:

Region Brand Case Studies & Success Strategies

Our case studies explore real-world examples of successful region brand strategies and initiatives. These in-depth analyses provide valuable insights for region planners, policymakers, and researchers looking to understand the factors driving success in regional development.

Why Switzerland? Patrik Wermelinger on Investment Promotion and How the Country Became World’s Leading Innovation Location

Why Switzerland? Patrik Wermelinger shares how Switzerland Global Enterprise promotes the country as a vibrant hub for innovative businesses and what makes Switzerland so successful as innovation location.

Why Fribourg? Jerry Krattiger on the Region’s Business Resiliency and Focus on Bioeconomy and Industry 4.0

Jerry Krattiger of Fribourg Development Agency explains why Fribourg is a world-class destination for business investment, and how it is expanding its focus on bioeconomy and Industry 4.0.

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