Interview with Natasha Grand on Creating Place Identity

In this interview with Natasha Grand of the Institute for Identity (INSTID), we discuss place identity creation as tool to guide locals to their greater purpose, and to unlock their self-esteem. Learn why place identity work will be needed even more in a post-industrial world, and which pitfalls in to avoid when working with identity and creating meaning.

Learn about:

  • Place branding as a tool to capture the unique meaning of cities, regions and nations;
  • How place brands can serve as vehicles to drive forward not just tourism but also political programmes;
  • The importance of opening up place identity development projects to stakeholders and the general public in order to sustain interest over lengthy campaigns;
  • The challenges in creating a shared idea of identity without reverting to clichés.

Natasha, what do you understand as the "brand" of places, and which aspect of place branding is the most important in your consulting work?

A strong place brand means that people are inspired to live, work and visit the place.

Place branding expresses the meaning of the place to its residents and the world: explains its character and its purpose. Where the meaning is missing (and that’s a frequent case), place branding is an opportunity to understand the personality of the place and help grow it.

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The Editorial Team

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