Natasha Grand Speaker Profile

Dr Natasha Grand (London, UK): experienced practitioner with academic background.
Masterclasses, conference presentations, workshops, both in person and online:
  • Place Branding for Tourism and Culture: what works
  • Project Management for Place Branding: practical insights
  • Place Personality and Message: how to go beyond ‘we are nice’

Natasha co-founded INSTID (Institute for Identity) in 2008 to help give a sense of confidence and purpose to less-known places in emerging markets.

INSTID work has been followed by global media (BBC, the Guardian, etc) as the prime example of place branding. Natasha is a judge for the CityNationPlace awards 2018, and speaks frequently to professional, public, and academic audiences alike. She has even consulted a comedy series on place branding.

Natasha is a powerful speaker that connects with the audience and gives them courage and inspiration.

Based in London, UK.

More about Natasha’s work at INSTID also in our interview.

Your main speaking topics?

  • Place identity
  • Archetypal nature of places
  • Emotional bonds to a place
  • Practical insights into place branding process

Five hashtags which describe you as speaker:

#Never-thought-of-it-before #I-know-what-to-do-now #new-horizons #this-will-work #bring-on-the-future

What can you offer?

Any format of speaker engagement from inspirational key notes to day-long practical workshops.


1. Irresistible attraction

How do places make people ‘belong’ to them, locals and visitors alike? How do places become a subject of our dreams and aspirations? Insights into the mechanisms that drive people’s emotional attachment to places.

2. Don’t be “good”

Common mistakes in place branding, and how to accept your place personality.

3. Mind rotten tomatoes

How to build a popular momentum behind your place branding campaign and avoid a local backlash.

Ideal audience:

Practitioners in the field of tourism, communication, and place promotion.

“I was incredibly moved by your talk at the Brand New conference on Friday.”

“The audience was awed.”

“Can you teach me public speaking?”

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Photo credit: Kara Smarsh