Anupam Yog on the Branding of Nations and Destinations in Asia

Anupam Yog in this interview offers a very detailed account of place brand initiatives in Asia, especially Singapore, and discusses the challenges, tendencies and opportunities.

Brand Asia at World Economic Forum Davos: Underpitched or Overplayed?

India nation brand expert Aparna Sharma reflects on the role of Brand Asia at the World Economic Forum in Davos, calling for a more nuanced, strategic approach to country promotion and brand positioning.

Brand China: The Chinese Dragon – Benign or Enflamed?

Do we visualize Brand China as a success story that has cleverly packaged its brand power? Aparna Sharma on China's nation branding and country image.

India: From Nation Branding to State Branding and Competitive Federalism

India nation brand expert Aparna Sharma discusses how Indian states have begun to develop their own brands and to position themselves internationally as business hubs, leading to representations of state and nation next to each other at important events, such as Davos.

Brexit And Its Implications: View From India

Implications of Brexit on India and its relations with the UK is the focus of this article by nation brand and country-of-origin expert Aparna Sharma.

How Nation Branding can Accelerate National Competitiveness and FDI

India place brand equity expert Aparna Sharma shares thoughts on how nation branding can help national competitiveness and attraction of foreign investment.
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