Anupam Yog on the Branding of Nations and Destinations in Asia

Anupam Yog in this interview offers a very detailed account of place brand initiatives in Asia, especially Singapore, and discusses the challenges, tendencies and opportunities.

Learn about:

  • The origins of Brand India and the India Brand Equity Foundation;
  • How place branding creates competitive advantage for retail spaces;
  • The difference between good and great destination brand concepts;
  • Common trends in place branding across Asia;
  • Why successful country branding links tourism and investment marketing with public diplomacy initiatives;
  • How to set up and organize effective country branding;
  • India's unique opportunity to differentiate itself in the global community of nations.

Anupam, how did you first become interested in place branding?

As a practitioner, I have come to believe firmly that place branding is the sum of the experiences which make a “place” distinctive, and perhaps more importantly, the ideas that have the potential to develop and position it as a “strong brand”. It’s this combination that makes a place-brand, as opposed to just being a place.

My interest in place branding goes all the way back to my first job, when I began my career in branding with marketing guru Shunu Sen, who co-founded Quadra Advisory with Sir Martin Sorrel, CEO of WPP and Suhel Seth, Managing Partner of Counselage.

One day, somewhat out of the blue, Shunu asked me to think about how I would brand India. Later, I was invited to join a meeting to share my ideas with a team from the India Brand Equity Fund (IBEF), who had reached out to Shunu for advice.

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The Editorial Team

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