New Delhi: City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

New Delhi's attractiveness for investors, high potentials and visitors, according to international rankings and indices: its city brand strength and reputation.

Harry Kosato on the Reputation of Places, Country-of-Origin Brands and How He Is Bringing Japan to India

Harry Kosato in this interview discusses the reputation of places, country-of-origin brands and how he brought Japan to India.

India Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

India's competitiveness, nation brand image and reputation, according to studies on sustainability, economic development and talent attraction.

How Incredible India and the Reputation of London Led Me to PhD in Place Branding

Shalini Bisani tells us how the "Incredible India" marketing campaign and the reputation of London led her to pursue a PhD in Place Branding in the UK.

Paul Temporal on Nation Branding, Country Brands in Asia and Islamic Branding

Paul Temporal, Oxford University Associate Fellow and brand consultant, shares his thoughts on nation branding characteristics, country brands in Asia and the growing market of Islamic branding.

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