Gonzalo Vilar on Country Brands, Place Branding and Digital Demand

Gonzalo Vilar of Bloom Consulting in Madrid shares his experience of helping countries develop and manage their branding, and discusses the role of digital demand.

How’s Life: OECD 2017 Study Findings, Trends and Well-Being Challenges

How's Life 2017 OECD study author Carrie Exton shares key findings on citizen well-being in leading countries around the world and outlines trends and challenges to overcome.

Good Country Index 2017 Findings: Simon Anholt on Good Country Leaders and Laggards

Good Country Index 2017 ranking results: Simon Anholt shares his thoughts on the latest Good Country study, the leaders, laggards and broader implications.

Country Brands: 2017 Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Study Reveals Winners, Losers and Trends

Vadim Volos shares the key findings of the 2017 Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index, annual study of people's perceptions towards other countries. Learn about country brand winners, losers and tendencies.

Country Brand Report Latin America: 2017 Reputation Winners, Losers and Trends

Gustavo Konisczcer of FutureBrand LATAM presents the highlights of the Country Brand Report Latin America 2017: reputation winners, losers and trends.

Digital Country Index 2017: Winners, Losers and Trends

José Filipe Torres, CEO of Madrid-based place branding advisory firm Bloom Consulting, discusses the winners and losers of the Digital Country Index 2017.
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