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Philip Kotler on Place Marketing, Branding and Why We Need to Rethink Capitalism

Professor Philip Kotler in this interview discusses place marketing, his latest book on how to fix capitalism and why he likes Simon Anholt's Good Country Index.

Thoughts on 2015 Place Marketing and Branding Manifesto

Spot on: 2015 Place Marketing and Branding Manifesto by Best Place Institute & leading place branding scholars and experts: definitions, concepts, goals.

Do We Need to Reinvent Destination Marketing Organizations?

TED talk by travel writer and advisor Doug Lansky on how DMO can solve travel's authenticity crisis by focusing on destination management, not marketing.

How (Not) to Communicate Sustainability in Destination Marketing: Keep it Real

Sustainability and tourism marketing expert Professor Xavier Font gives tips on how (not) to communicate sustainability as part of destination marketing.

Cities of Opportunity – Where Sustainability Thrives

PwC Cities of Opportunity report shows Sydney, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Toronto lead in liveability, according to expats.

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