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Petra Trimborn on Destination Branding and Sustainability in Germany

Petra Trimborn of inspektour consultancy in Germany, on destination branding, strong city brands and sustainability as competitive advantage.

Brand Urbanism: Building Sustainable Partnerships Between Brands and Cities

City brand advisor Rinske Brand introduces us to the concept of brand urbanism and illustrates how it has been employed by cities such as London, Madrid, Manila and Ghent. Learn about the opportunities and risks of city-brand collaboration.

4 Place Branding Examples to Inspire Economic Development Professionals

Economic development is the objective of many place branding initiatives. Here four examples of city branding strategies to inspire economic developers.

Why Successful Placemaking Needs A Meaningful Brand, Not A Mere Logo

Placemaking specialist Andrew Hoyne on why successful place development needs a meaningful brand and not a mere logo, with case studies from Australia.

City Branding Case Study: The Story of Edmonton, Canada

In this case study on city branding, learn about the award-winning storytelling and city brand development approach of the city of Edmonton in Canada.

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