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Place Branding

How to Future-Proof Digital Communications in Place Branding

Expert panel discusses how place branding can evolve with future-proof digital communication strategies, leveraging AI, VR, and real-time engagement to stay relevant and effective.

Research Update on Cultural Heritage, Soft Power, and Digital Diplomacy

Summary of latest research on enhancing city brand equity, refining soft power measurement, and employing digital diplomacy effectively.

The Future of AI in Place Branding: Bridging Technology and Humanity

Explore the future of AI in place branding, highlighting ethical concerns, and the balance between technology and human creativity.

AI in Place Branding: Overcoming Bias, Misinformation, and Homogenization

Explore the challenges of integrating AI in place branding, from data privacy to authenticity, and how to navigate these issues effectively.

AI in Place Branding: Opportunities for Destination Marketing and Economic Development

Explore how AI transforms place branding, enhancing destination marketing, tourism and economic development.

Stuart Speirs

Explore Stu Speirs' expertise in event strategy and place branding. Learn about Silver Lining Strategy, shaping impactful community events.
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