Ed Burghard on Brand USA and Strengthening Brand America

Ed Burghard in this interview reflects on his long career as marketer for Procter & Gamble and his more recent assignment as head of the place branding and economic development task force for the state of Ohio, USA.

He also reveals the top five ingredients for successful place branding, and how his Strengthening Brand America project supports the American Dream.

Learn about:

  • What place marketing is about;
  • What place branding is about;
  • Which lessons learned in product and corporate branding can be reapplied in place branding;
  • The five top ingredients for a successful place branding strategy;
  • The biggest challenge for place branding work to succeed;
  • The best way to measure the success of economic development and place branding initiatives;
  • Advice to early career place branding professionals.

Ed, when did you first come across the concept of place branding?

In 2005, Ohio’s Governor Taft asked Procter & Gamble for help in setting up a non-profit company to brand the state. I accepted the challenge as an Executive on loan. For me it was a great opportunity to test the effectiveness of the P&G branding model on a conceptual product, and a chance to experience leading a small company start-up. Prior to getting the assignment I had absolutely no idea the field of place branding even existed.

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The Editorial Team

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