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Stella Kladou on How Culture Impacts City Branding

Stella Kladou in this interview discusses among other topics the role of culture in city branding, destination marketing trends and the current practice of place branding in Turkey.

Guido van Garderen on the Grand Challenges of Branding and the Ultimate Course on Brand Strategy

Interview with Guido van Garderen, former Strategy Director at Interbrand, on the ‘grand challenges’ of branding, the ultimate course on brand strategy and his thoughts on nation branding in Africa.

Mikael Andéhn on the Meaning of Place, Capitalism and the Potential Limitations of Place Branding

Mikael Andéhn of Royal Holloway University of London in the UK in this interview elaborates on the meaning of places, capitalism and how it affects place branding and place marketing.

Heather Skinner Researcher Profile

Heather Skinner as researcher focuses on place management, marketing, branding, culture and responsible tourism. More in her researcher profile.

Joao Freire Researcher Profile

Joao Freire as place branding researcher focuses on place brand image, architecture, models of governance and brand attributes. More in his researcher profile.

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