place brand researchers

Joao Freire Researcher Profile

Joao Freire as place branding researcher focuses on place brand image, architecture, models of governance and brand attributes. More in his researcher profile.

Efe Sevin Researcher Profile

Efe Sevin as place branding researcher focuses on empirical data, visualization, social media and networks. More about his work and approach in this researcher profile.

Mihalis Kavaratzis Researcher Profile

Dr. Mihalis Kavaratzis as researcher focuses on identity-based place branding, stakeholder involvement and destination image.

Martin Boisen Researcher Profile

Martin Boisen researches how place management, place marketing and place branding arose and evolved as part of urban and regional governance.

Chunying Wen on Place Branding Research and City Branding in China

Chunying Wen, place branding scholar and Professor at the Communication University of China in Beijing, in this interview discusses place branding research and city branding in China. Learn about the growing interest in a less marketing-focused and more resident-centered, inclusive approach to city branding.

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