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Don Dioko on Macau, Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding in China

Don Dioko, Professor and Director of the International Tourism Research Centre in Macau, China, reflects on tourism marketing and destination branding research. He also addresses the pitfalls of region branding, refering to China’s Greater Bay Area development.

Eduardo Oliveira on Place Branding and Strategic Spatial Planning

Eduardo Oliveira in this interview discusses the role of place branding in spatial planning strategies and how social media is used in destination branding.

Paul Temporal on Nation Branding, Country Brands in Asia and Islamic Branding

Paul Temporal, Oxford University Associate Fellow and brand consultant, shares his thoughts on nation branding characteristics, country brands in Asia and the growing market of Islamic branding.

Massimo Giovanardi on Destination Marketing, Country-of-Origin and Tourism Overcrowding

Massimo Giovanardi in this interview talks about participatory destination marketing, the country-of-origin effect and how to deal with tourism overcrowding.

Gert-Jan Hospers on Urban and Regional Development and Place Marketing

Geography Professor Gert-Jan Hospers of the Netherlands discusses the challenges of marketing former industrial cities and using place branding to beat demographic shrinkage.

Annette Pritchard on Tourism, Media Representations of Places and Destination Branding

Annette Pritchard, Professor of Tourism at Cardiff Metropolitan University and Director of the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, reflects on tourism, destination branding and how film and media coverage impact place reputation.
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