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Place Brand Researchers

Xinxin Liu on City Branding in China: Navigating Urban Identity and Economic Growth

Explore insights into city branding in China with Xinxin Liu, Associate Professor at the Communication University of China.

Simon Anholt: Policy Advisor, Author, Speaker

Meet Simon Anholt, the founder of Anholt & Co and a leading researcher, advisor and speaker on nation brands, national image and the "good country equation".

Salma Ghanem on District Identity and Place Branding in the Arab World

Explore Salma Ghanem's insights on district identity and place branding in the Arab World, highlighting unique challenges and strategies.

Alia El Banna on Identity and Belonging in Place Branding

Alia El Banna on authentic place branding, the impact of cultural mobility, and the value of global communication in marketing education.

Fabiana Mariutti on Brazil’s Place Brand Identity and Country Image

Fabiana Mariutti in this interview explores the multifaceted aspects of Brazil's complex place brand identity, image and country reputation.

Robert Govers: Scholar, Advisor, Speaker

Meet Robert Govers, a renowned international place branding advisor and author, exploring his influential work on city, region, and country reputation, and his role in shaping place branding theory and practice.
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